We specialize in 2-way radio and repeater system sales and service but offer many other services as listed below. We also offer help with FCC Narrowbanding and for that, visit our FAQ page or contact page for answers to any questions.

  • Digital Radios

    Digital radio offers many benefits unheard of with analog radios such as, background noise reduction, enhanced voice communication, and much more.

  • LTR Trunking Systems

    LTR Trunking System is a computer controlled radio system that allocates 20 or more talk groups to a particular frequency channel.

  • Conventional Radio Systems

    Conventional Radio Systems only allow one user to access the system at a time. It is a time sharing system so only one ID can transmit at a time.

  • Radio over IP (RoIP)

    RoIP uses existing infrastructure of IP networks that are used in the workplace and offers a system that is easy to install, use and upgrade.

  • Paging Systems

    Paging Systems are used to transfer analog or digital messages over the airwaves using different transmission protocols.

  • Frequency Coordination/Propogation Studies

    FCC Frequency Coordinations and Propogation Studies involves helping customers search for frequencies and applying for the right license.